Learn how to take care of your Contact Lens

Can I wear contact lenses?

These days, almost anyone can wear contact lenses, which have improved dramatically in terms of eye health, function and price. We have contact lenses in both soft and oxygen permeable designs for the following purposes:

• Correction of nearsightedness/farsightedness/astigmatism

• Correction of far and near vision (bifocal/multifocal)

• Fitting of dry eye patients (extra moist/wettable lenses)

• Fitting of special needs patients with irregular corneas

• Extended wear (leaving in at night)

• Corneal reshaping (lenses at night, no lenses all day)

• Sports (tinted for improving contrast)

Why do we have so many satisfied contact lens patients?

We use the best technology

Every contact lens patient receives corneal topographical analysis at every examination. This computerized evaluation of 20,000 data points is the most accurate way to monitor for any long-term changes.

We’re good at it

Dr. Newton has been published in Contact Lens Spectrum, the industry’s leading contact lens publication. In addition, Dr. Newton continually educates himself regarding new contact lens technologies and treatments by attending trade shows and seminars.

We give our patients the best value in contact lens services and materials

Our contact lens prices are comparable with any of our competition. See for yourself – or browse our office – we’ve done the price comparisons for you. Our contact lens evaluations, fittings and follow-ups are backed by a 60-day guarantee, during which all necessary office visits are included at no extra charge. Plus, every contact lens patient receives a free pair of nonprescription sunglasses at every examination.

For experience, service and value, the contact lens care
you receive at Newton Eyecare Center is tough to beat.