LASIK-imageDr. Newton’s was the first practice in Bay County to offer on-siteLASIK surgery. Since then, LASIK has changed the lives of many of our patients who are no longer dependent on glasses or contact lenses. We provide in-office evaluations and consultations to answer any questions you may have about the procedure. We also offer financing with affordable monthly payments.

LASIK is wonderful for many patients, but it is not a cure for everyone’s visual needs. The best way to determine what LASIKcould do for you is to ask Dr. Newton. He’ll discuss the potential benefits you may receive from LASIK, as well as limitations.

Once it’s determined if LASIK could meet your needs, the next step is to schedule a complete LASIK evaluation. This assessment looks at additional factors such as the shape of your eyes, uses an ultrasound to determine your corneal thickness, and measures tear production to make sure the procedure will be successful for you. You will also meet with the surgeon prior to your procedure. If your eyes are healthy enough to proceed, the procedure may be scheduled at your convenience.

Unlike some LASIK providers, we quote one total fee for the procedure. This includes both eyes, your pre-operative evaluation with Dr. Newton and the surgeon, and your post-operative care for 180 days.

Contact us to see if LASIK is right for you.