Acuity Pro Digital Eye Chart and Patient Education System

This method of evaluation is superior to the old “projector” system in several ways – there are no slides to get dirty, no light bulbs for non-uniform illumination, and a totally random display to test vision, not memory. It also includes special symbols for kids.
The vision tester helps us assess visual acuity (clarity of vision), eye alignment, depth perception and color vision.

Digital Retinal Photography

We hope the internal health of your eyes does not resemble some of the atrocities we have on display on our walls. We have our system networked to the examination rooms so Dr. Newton can discuss the results directly with the patient.
The digital retinal camera helps us create a permanent record of the appearance and health of the back of your eye.

Corneal Topography

Is the front part of your eye hilly or flat? Regular or distorted? This technology allows us to provide the most appropriate contact lens care.
The corneal topographer creates a topographical map of the front surface of your eye, telling us if it is hilly or flat, whether there is astigmatism and whether your contact lenses are inducing any long-term changes.

Visual Field

Our visual field testing is analogous to an EKG of your eye. It assists in evaluating and diagnosing problems with your visual pathway, from your eyes to your brain. It also shows us your “hill of vision” and has diagnosed brain tumors in asymptomatic patients.
The Octopus Perimeter visual field instrument helps us measure your “hill of vision,” which is your eye’s sensitivity to different intensities of light at all locations. It helps detect damage from glaucoma, brain tumors and other neurological, vascular and retinal problems.

Digital Anterior Segment Photography

We are able to photograph that dirty contact lens (to reinforce our recommendations), a cataract or any anomaly near the front of your eyes.