Newton-receptionareaWell Vision Examinations

These exams put the emphasis on the overall function of your visual system and the health of your eyes.

Contact Lens Evaluations

Almost anyone is a candidate for contact lens wear. With our state-of-the-art instruments, such as the corneal topographer, we help our patients with the most challenging prescriptions succeed with contact lens wear.

LASIK Evaluations and On-site LASIK Surgery

Is LASIK appropriate for you? We will take a careful look at your prescription, eye health and lifestyle in order to help you answer this question. To keep your care local, we offer the procedure in the surgical suite of our own facility.

Pediatric Eye Examinations

It is important within a child’s first year of life to rule out:

  • Any medical condition affecting the eyes
  • Any large difference in focusing or vision between the eyes, which could lead to the development of “lazy eye”
  • Any eye coordination condition that also could lead to “lazy eye“

Diabetic Eye Examinations

A yearly dilated eye examination is essential to identify any internal ocular change related to diabetes. Our high-tech equipment, including digital retinal photography and retinal thickness evaluation, assists in providing a permanent record of your ocular health. We also are happy to communicate the results of this examination to your primary care physician.

Special Needs Eye Examinations

We are pleased to serve special needs patients, including those with mental or physical disabilities. Dr. Newton completed part of his training at a facility limited to special needs patients.

Developmental/Behavioral Eye Evaluations

Is there a problem with development of the visual system? Does your child “see 20/20” yet still have problems in school, with reading or with learning in general? We may be able to help.

visiontherapyVision Therapy Evaluations

These exams put emphasis on the coordination (alignment and tracking movements) and flexibility of focusing, as well as how the eyes work together to produce a clear, binocular image.

Computer Vision Evaluation

Did you know that your eyes focus differently while using a computer? We can determine the best correction and lens style to give you the clearest and most comfortable vision for computer use.