What is Vision Therapy?

People often confuse sight with vision. Good vision, though, means much more than just clarity of sight. A quality pair of eyeglasses prescribed by a doctor can provide clarity of sight. It’s possible for a child to have 20/20 eyesight and still have a vision disorder. The definition of good vision means clarity of sight plus good control and coordination of eye movements.

At Newton Eye Care Center, we provide comprehensive vision exams that consider all aspects of eye health, vision, and visual skills. During routine exams, Dr. Newton evaluates how your child organizes and interprets information presented visually. He checks eye alignment and tracking abilities; the ability to change and sustain focus; and the ability to initiate and execute efficient eye movements.

School vision screenings are not thorough enough to detect these concerns.

Why Does Vision Therapy Matter?

Scientists tell us that up to 80% of all the information that humans receive comes to us visually. Good vision is critical for learning and personal development. It’s no surprise that children receiving distorted visual information struggle in school, sports, and with discipline issues.

Your child’s vision development occurs in phases over time. One visual skill builds on another. It’s not uncommon for people to miss a step or not completely develop a step. Experts estimate that 1 out of every 10 children has a vision problem severe enough to affect learning in school.

The goal of Vision Therapy is to re-train the learned aspects of vision, such as the ability to track together along a line of text. At Newton Eye Care Center, the techniques and therapies we use to improve your child’s vision are supported by ongoing, evidence-based scientific research.

How Are Vision Problems Treated?

Vision Therapy consists of a series of in-office sessions that focus on increasing your child’s visual skills, such as having both eyes move, align and focus together. Children are asked to perform additional exercises at home to reinforce their skills.

Our goal is that each patient experiences visual efficiency, comfort, and ease in order to better interpret information.

Quite often, children with vision development disorders tell us they think they aren’t as smart as their peers. But after therapy, they are proud to learn they are every bit as intelligent and capable as their classmates, teammates, and friends.

At Newton Eye Care Center, we are experts at making sure your child has the support and treatment needed to achieve all that he or she can. We give parents and guardians the tools and information to help their children succeed at home.

Vision Therapy Facts

  • Meetings once or twice a week with a therapist in Dr. Newton’s office. Each session lasts 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Dr. Newton and our therapist work together to develop an individualized plan for each patient.
  • Eye exercises and techniques to practice in the office and at home.
  • Visual-motor-sensory integration training