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One of our goals is respect, and out of respect for our patients’ time, we try to avoid mind-numbing pages of policies and procedures and endless papers requiring the same information again and again.

Instead, we’ve distilled how we like to do business with our clients in the following list, which we ask that you take a moment to read.

  • We respect your time by not overbooking appointments.

No one wants to sit in a waiting room while the doctor is running behind. We try our best to operate as close to our scheduled appointment time as is reasonably possible. Occasionally, circumstances or emergencies beyond our control prevent us from doing that, but we do our best. Always.

  • We ask that you respect our time by arriving at your scheduled appointment on time.

We often have a waiting list of clients who are hoping for cancellations and would gladly take your appointment should you not be able to arrive on time. Please call us as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule your visit. Late arrivals inconvenience every patient with an appointment later that day.

We may assess fees for appointments missed or canceled without 24 hours notice.

  • Your insurance is your responsibility.

You should know and understand your insurance contract; this includes co-pays, deductibles, annual renewal dates, the name of your insurance, and all ID numbers. Any charges not covered by your insurance are your responsibility. We are required, by law, to collect all deductibles, co-pays, and non-covered charges.

  • We are pleased to assist you with your insurance when possible.

We invoice vision and medical insurance (i.e. participating insurance companies) for covered services and products.

Depending on the complexity of an insurance question or problem, particularly involving prior authorization requests, we may or may not be able to assist you without an additional charge. We will tell you if we believe that the extra time needed to resolve your issue will incur an additional fee.

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