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Eye Examinations

An eye examination is a complete and thorough assessment of eye health and the visual system. It typically involves dilation of the pupils. An eye examination evaluates eye health (presence or absence of pathology), visual acuity (visual clarity; how does the 20/20 letter look?); visual efficiency and function (does your visual system have to put forth extra effort to succeed?); and visual processing (how does your brain deal with the information supplied to it by the eyes?) with an emphasis on the former items (health and vision) and sometimes finds the indication for further evaluation of the latter items (function and processing).

Our work in the realm of vision correction transcends the interest in prescribing lenses for seeing “clearest and sharpest.” That approach ignores the demands placed upon the visual system for clear, comfortable, single, efficient, binocular vision at all distances – this is the foundation upon which a great deal of my (Dr. Newton’s) passion for eye care resides.

Contact Lens Care

Certainly, technology is improving by the day. As it continues to improve, our ability to correct one’s vision with contact lenses also improves. I am absolutely grateful in this day and age that we can care for and meet most patients’ needs with daily disposable lenses. Think about this – a fresh, new lens every single day that you wear contact lenses! Of course, there are patient needs that can’t be met with daily disposables. I still remain highly interested and motivated to help all contact lens wearers meet and exceed their vision, comfort, and ocular physiology demands with contact lenses.

Medical Eye Care

Maybe you have allergies that affect how your eyes feel. Or your eyes are dry, and you know this, but you simply can’t determine what factor or combination of factors in your life are causing your symptoms of dry eye. Perhaps you have a systemic condition that affects your vision – diabetes, high blood pressure, or one of many other conditions. Perhaps you need to use a high-risk medication such as hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) or tamoxifen (Nolvadex, Soltamox) or prednisone that can potentially cause significant and irreversible visual changes – which can be occurring in preliminary stages without any symptoms at all.

Cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal problems, vascular problems, double vision, eye infections, and injuries all denote conditions that require either prompt or ongoing care.

When I graduated in 2000, diabetes was the leading cause of new cases of blindness in adults. In 2022, according to the CDC, it still is.

One amazing thing about your eyes is that although they are considered your windows to the world, they are our windows to your body and your overall health. What I mean by that is that the eyes are the only place in your body that a doctor can view both brain
tissue and blood vessel tissue directly without some form of invasive surgery.

I am pleased to be able to provide for all my patients’ medical eye care needs.

Vision Training

Some individuals have challenges with how their eyes work together – perhaps in the aspect of teaming, perhaps in the aspect of changing focus from near to far and back, or perhaps with respect to tracking smoothly and efficiently across a page of text.

As you can imagine, problems in these areas (areas of visual efficiency and processing as referred to in section #1 above) can cause significant difficulty with achievement and progress in school, if one is in school. They can also cause significant problems with the way one interacts with his or her world and environment.

One of my absolute favorite ways to help patients is to help stabilize problems in these areas. The child that experiences double vision at distances closer than fifteen inches is more common than you might think.

We help kids (and adults) not have to work so hard, and not have to consume all their energy and resources in order to experience clear, comfortable, single, efficient binocular vision. And the results of doing so have helped so many children reach their potential in school.


Emergency Eye Care

Obviously, things don’t happen at convenient times. Whether you are experiencing a sudden vision change, an injury, an infection, or have any problem that decides to occur at an inconvenient time, we are pleased to coordinate care to meet your needs when a problem arises. For more information on emergency care, please see the download on our patient information page.

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