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Vision For Bay county

It's simple. We believe that giving back to our community is so important that we've made it a part of the way we do business.

It’s also our belief that all people-young and old-deserve professional eye care, including corrective lenses, even when they cannot afford all or any of the cost.

That’s why Newton Eyecare Center held our first Community Eye Care Day in 2009 when we donated our professional services and provided free corrective lenses to as many individuals as we could see in an eight hour day. The need was still there the following year, so we did it again.

Not long after, we were awarded grants-from the Rotary Club of Bay City and an anonymous donor-that enabled us to continue to provide free and low cost glasses.

2022 updates to our program

We still are pleased to provide eye care and glasses to you at no cost if you do not have any vision insurance and if you do not have the means to pay. 

If you are covered by a Medicaid plan with which we no longer participate, we are pleased to make the following services available:

  • $25 Eye Examination

(Payment in advance for a specific day and time is required. Please call (989) 667-9393 for more information).

  • $50 single vision glasses

  • $75 multifocal glasses
    (patient pays for any extras)


If you have a commercial insurance plan with which we do not participate, other payment arrangements will be required. Please call (989) 667-9393.

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